An In-depth Guide to Bridesmaid Dress Fabrics

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The Unrivalled Favourite

Renowned as the go-to fabric for bridesmaid dresses, chiffon boasts a soft, smooth, and opaque nature. Comprised of a slightly see-through chiffon layer and one or two linings, chiffon dresses exude timeless elegance.

Its versatility shines through with an extensive array of colour options, ensuring a perfect match for any wedding colour palette. With a myriad of designs, ranging from modest to alluring, every bridesmaid can find a style that flatters their curves.

Furthermore, chiffon's breathability and lightweight properties guarantee your bridesmaids' comfort and confidence throughout the day.

Purbelle tulle maxi convertible bridesmaid dresses in plum purple


The Epitome of Enchantment:

A mesh fabric adored in the realm of weddings, tulle imparts a weightless, sheer, and yet firm quality to bridesmaid dresses. The cascading nature of tulle creates an ethereal and dreamy look, perfect for creating unforgettable memories together.

Tulle dresses are typically composed of an outer layer of tulle, a middle layer of chiffon, and an underlying lining. While style options may be somewhat limited, each design is a classic masterpiece, ensuring that
every bridesmaid exudes stunning elegance.

Additionally, the lightweight and airy texture of tulle allows your bridesmaids to move freely with a sense of relaxation.

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The Embodiment of Elegance

For brides seeking an elegant and luxurious fabric, lace reigns supreme. Delicate motifs intricately woven together form lace, renowned for its sheer and breathable nature. A lace bridesmaid dress typically features a layer of lace atop one or two underlayers. The myriad of lace patterns and weaves offers a
diverse range of visual aesthetics, from vintage grace to contemporary allure.
Lace's unique texture lends itself beautifully to create an illusion styles on necklines, sleeves, straps, and backs, particularly when used without a lining.

Purbelle $129 glossy stretch stain bridesmaid dresses

Stretch Satin

The Rising Star

Gaining popularity since 2023 and set to shine in 2024, stretch satin exudes a lustrous, opulent aura reminiscent of silk but at a more affordable price point.

With a subtle elasticity, this glowing satin fabric lends itself to exquisite dress designs. Whether you envision a form-fitting silhouette or a more voluminous style, stretch satin delivers a luxurious appearance while allowing you to remain budget-conscious.

Opaque, smooth, and often composed of one or two layers, stretch satin dresses offer a
light, soft-touch feel that keeps your bridesmaids comfortable, even during summer weddings.

The carefully selected colour options are both trendy and versatile, ensuring seamless coordination with your wedding theme and palette. With its glossy sheen, stretch satin is particularly well-suited for indoor events and evening celebrations, guaranteeing a wedding ceremony that leaves an indelible impression on all attendees.